What is the video on demand?


Video system on demand is a customer satisfaction system developed for bus companies. Thanks to this system, companies increase their loyalty to their companies by providing their passengers with good ivakit. Thanks to the menus included in the system, passengers have a good time and the company uses this situation as a service quality.

Video system on demand, developed to make your passengers feel special. By providing prestige to your company, it affects your company’s perception. It is easier for passengers who make journeys with pleasure, to recommend you. In addition, it increases the chance to choose your company for your next trips.

In addition, the statistics you will keep on passengers help you increase your sales by using this data.

upon request, there are options in which you can offer television, radio, film, music, route, service and paid content within the video system. In addition to these options, you can present the desired advertisements on your screens. You can earn income by getting advertisement.

With remote management, you can monitor where your buses are and whether the screens on the seats are working.

You can also design and customize the background and menu icons in the screen according to your company. We can produce the outer frames and cases of the screens with the colors you want.

Video system on demand is a product known as bus entertainment systems and is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

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