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Ninova Fireproof Cables

Ninova Cables are specially designed, durable and long-lasting cables. Our cables are designed to ensure long-term and performance of our systems. The MEGA ones of our passanger screens provide image transfer, while the GIGA ones transfer data. Our cables are awarded with E13 certificate.


Mega Cable

Mega cables are high quality image transmission cables that use a connection between monitors and switches. Different length options are available. Cabling needs suitable for your project are determined and applied by our expert teams.

Mega Cable Sockets


Mega Cable 0,5 Meter

Mega Cable 1,0 Meter

Mega Cable 1,3 Meter

Mega Cable 1,6 Meter

Mega Cable 2,0 Meter

Mega Cable 3,5 Meter

Mega Cable 5,0 Meter

Giga Cable

They are cables that provide high speed data transfer between hubs. Thanks to these cables, the transactions of the passengers are transmitted to the server at the highest speed and the request of the passenger is made as soon as possible.

Giga Cable 5,0 Meter

Giga Cable 6,0 Meter

Giga Cable 7,0 Meter

Mega Cable 10,0 Meter