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Your System is Wire(LAN) or WiFi (Wireless) ?

We have both options with LAN and Wifi.

We use 8 port PoE switch use that connect to BUS Server until 100 client (tablet).

The newly developed 5 GHz Wifi system supports up to 46 Tablets.

Do you have optional interface options?

Different interface options are applied according to user demand.

Do you provide spare parts support?

Yes. All our product spare parts are available in stock

Can we play Advertising on the screens ?

Yes. Pls click for more details.

Are surveys and online sales possible ?

Yes. Please click for more details

Do you give dealership ?

Please send mail for details to

Do you provide technical support for assembly ?

We can provide installation technical support either by sending personnel or by providing remote communication.

How many countries have you exported to ?

8 countries directly and indirectly 14 countries. We have shipped products to 22 countries in total.

What are the usage areas of the product ?

Bus – Minibus – Taxi – Train – Ship

Which android version do you use ?

Android 6.0 Version.

Can you update remotely ?

Yes. Thanks to our cloud system, it is possible to update devices remotely.

If we'll buy 1 sample system (server + tablets...) will be available for us to test your content management system (CMS) and your ADV management system also?

Yes. You can Buy Sample Server and 1 client and test our CMS and ADV management system.

Which version of Android Os is available on your tablets?

Our Board RK3128 Chipset that support Android 6.0 is very stable.

Is the CMS included in your solution? If not what is the price?

CMS and android app is Cloud + Server Solution. If you dont want to use Cloud, You can use Server as a Offline.

Then you can upload every content management from Notebook. But we prefer Online CMS that you upload all content and AD data from Cloud.

Is the ADV system included in your solution? If not what is the price?

It is Include.

Do you have video reference about how CMS and ADV service works?

Check. and Let you know.

If we don't allow to pay your CMS or ADV service, could we use our?

Check. and Let you know.

If we don't allow to pay your CMS or ADV service, could we use our?

Our CMS is free of Charge. We just want pay DataCenter cost for per Server(Bus) per year 18 USD. Not for per Tablet.

Your CMS is different project. First you see Our server issue Then We discuss again.

What is the price for link as default option our CMS and ADV system on your tablet?

First you see Our server issue Then We discuss again. Otherwise we can not give to you what price it is.

What's the price for User Interface Customization?

We have a lot of options for select from Cloud. Then if you want special requirements,we can negitoate.

Wich languages are available on server-side application?

Default is English, If you want to use it in your language, you can translate it from the translation section. For example, Chinese, Arabic, German, Italian.

Wich languages are available on tablet system?

Any language can adjust. You can enter up to 8 languages on the tablet and arrange them in order

What if we would add more languages? Is it possible? Do you have stock prices to add new languages?

Yes You can customise any time from Cloud.

Is it possible in CMS service to set the language of contents?

Every language content can select.

Are the contets shared on demand via streaming?

Not streaming. Video On demand from BUS server. Every Tablet can select their own content.

Do you have some specs on content files to share? For Example: Video MP4 1200 * 800 H264. Image 1200 * 600 JPEG.

We prefer 720p and 480p for MP4. For Image 1280 x 800 jpg,png,gif files.

In case we install our APK files or we find a bug in your software, how the updates will be delivered?

We can update from Cloud. We do this operation almost 10 years. Every bus must be a 4G modem.

Do you also sell hardware needed for the internet connection?

Yes,We have a 4G modem.

Do you have certifications for the EUROPEAN market?

We have Emark E13 European Cerificate.

Does the tablet or server has GPS system?

Our BUS server has GPS system.

Can we link CMS and ADV service to GPS system to spread contents based on BUS position?

We have 2 applications. First, the Video On Demand system shows the videos and plays the appropriate ads. The second one shows content for Tour companies based on GPS location.

Does the tablet screen has anti-glase tratment?

Yes. We have in Touch screen.

Does the tablet screen has shutterpoof glass?

Yes. Our toucscreen is very strong for Vandalproof.

Is it possible to extend device storage?

Yes. We us 1TB SSD for BUS server.

What's the price to have 64GB on the tablets?

We can custmise for you but we use 8 GB eMMC . No problem until now.

How many server needs one BUS to works fine?

Offcourse. One BUS server is Quite enough for 80 Client.

What's the warranty period?

Warranty is one year.

Are there some additional quote to pay for the software/hardware maintenance?

Yes. We have to see Your bus Seat spec. Then we can adjust for installation equipments.

What is the support you offer on your clients?

We want to work with Customer as a partnership. Because we want to sell more when you get benefit.

Do you get some datas about your software and hardware systems?

Yes. We can give to you DEMO account and you check it.

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