Macellan Bus & Coach Entertainment System


The Macellan Bus Entertainment System is a platform that allows passengers traveling from Istanbul airport to Istanbul city center to spend pleasant time in the bus.

Especially VOD system is known with general words such as Bus screen, Android bus screen, passenger screen, seat screen.

Macellan Bus Entertainment System, which offers alternatives such as movies, music, games and internet for passengers, is used by passengers with its
modern and user-friendly interface.

The Macellan Bus Entertainment System has an infrastructure that you can use in your own country and buses and that you can customize with special developments.
Our product, which comes with Android , is for your passengers with 10.1 “screen area and USB support. With two headphone jacks on it, it is possible
to watch the same movie, two different players on the same screen or listen to the song opened from the same screen.

You can show ads to your passengers through the cloud server, learn the location of your bus, learn the number of passengers and vehicle speed.

If you want to use a structure such as the Macellan bus entertainment system within your organization, please contact us via

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