Ninova Android Back Seat Passenger Screen


Android backseat Passenger screen
Android passenger screens are touch tablets with many features. In addition to entertainment options such as television, music, radio, film, it also has features such as route and in-car ordering.

Our Android back seat passenger display products are especially preferred by intercity travel companies. Our product is designed to be extra resistant to bumps and tampering. Our product ensures that your customers have a good time and increases their commitment to your company.
Thanks to the technical features you can find in the table below, you will not experience performance problems in our product. Our product is reinforced with composite material and steel frame structure. In addition to the 2 headphone jacks, our product has a USB socket with 2.1 amp charging capacity.
Choose special color preferences according to the colors of your company. The interface can be fully prepared with your company’s identity. Our product has the opportunity to show and play ads.